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IncrediMail is loved by its all users due to its interesting features which the application provides us. New emoticons, various live wallpapers, and stickers really keep us to the edge and we enjoy emailing to our friends and family members and it really proves as an escape plan from the boring emails and the emailing methods. The real problem starts when the PC of users starts running slow due to the email client that is IncrediMail.

When this happens users face a lot of problems and error messages on their computer and they are also not able to solve them. The common problems they face are sending/receiving the issue, the application freezes when they try to create a message or their messages gets stuck in the outbox of application or in the server. The error codes they encounter while sending/receiving the messages also annoys them. So if you also want to deal with this slowness but you are not able to do so then you can get in touch with the expert’s team to get IncrediMail Technical Support from the experienced technicians. If you want to deal with this problem manually then you can follow the steps provided below by our technicians.

Steps to resolve PC is running slow issue due to IncrediMail

  • Many times this issue comes if there is some problem with the firewall of the system, the problem with the proxy server of the computer or due to any antivirus. These applications interfere with the working of the email client, so make sure that these applications are not interfering with the email client and it working.
  • Also, ensure that the configuration of your email account is correct and if isn’t then first you are required to remove the email account configuration and then again reconfigure it.
  • To do so, open the email client, go to the “tools” section and select “accounts”. Then go to “mail account” dialogue box and select your email and then click on “remove”.
  • After that, click on “add” and reconfigure your account.
  • This sluggishness of the computer also happens if there are messages which are stuck in the outbox of your IncrediMail so make sure that outbox is empty if it does not then delete the emails.
  • If you receive problem while you create an email then you have to disable the “typing feature”. To do so, go to the application’s main window and click on “tools” and then go to “options”. Then under the “effects” tab, you have to simply uncheck the option of “play typing sounds” then in the new message click on “typing icon” and the typing feature will be disabled.
  • If you face any problem then contact IncrediMail Customer Care for a better outcome.

Dial IncrediMail Support Number for instant results

If you still face issues in your PC due to the email client application then you should contact experts via IncrediMail Support Number toll-free.


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