Facing Spamhaus error in your Incredimail?

IncrediMail is an email application which is used to communicate via emails in a fun way. IncrediMail uses a program called Spamhaus to protect its users from the internet threat and from the hackers to secure your data.  Spamhaus is software in IncrediMail which gathers the information about the spam emails and spammers and is responsible to block the spam emails and the spammers from reaching the users and affecting your security. And sometimes due to mistakes your IP address or email address can be identified as spam or due to various other reasons the software Spamhaus can detect your account as a spam account. If users want the direct solutions for all their IncrediMail problems they can call on IncrediMail support number for instant assistance.

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Sometimes users face these Spamhaus errors but do not recognize and they try everything else to solve this problem but all the tricks do not work for them just because they are not recognizing the problem correctly and are not dealing the root cause of the problem.

Symptoms of this Spamhaus error:

  • You can receive the error that the recipient has rejected your mail.
  • Also, there will be a 550 5.7.1 error.
  • And lastly, your computer screen can show 554 554 5.7.1 is shown indicating that your mail server is blacklisted at Spamhaus.
  • If user’s screen is showing any other message and they think that is Spamhaus then they can contact IncrediMail help number.

To get rid of this problem follow these steps

  • Open the official site of Spamhaus via IncrediMail website.
  • After opening the Spamhaus go to the block list removal center.
  • Now check your IP address under the blocked list by going for blacklist removal.
  • If you have found your IP address or the mail then you are sure that it has been mistakenly marked your IP address has marked as spam.

If you don’t know your IP address and having a problem in locating your address in the block list you can contact to experts through IncrediMail support number for any support.

  • Now, click on lookup after entering your IP address.
  • If your IP address is blocked then it will be shown in red.
  • Follow the instruction given to remove it from the block list.

If this problem is still there you can get help by calling on IncrediMail help number.

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