How to Fix Error Message during Registration in IncrediMail?

IncrediMail is one of the email client servers which have given the users a platform to communicate with their kin without any boredom and frustration. It has provided various features such as various interesting emoticons themes and wallpapers through which users feel great while chatting through the application. But sometimes it so happens that they stuck at various problems which they are not able to troubleshoot and they also do not know the real reason behind the problem which they can troubleshoot. One of such error is the Error message which pops ups at the screen while registering the IncrediMail and users feel annoyed as this error comes in many forms. And hence they do not know what to do and they get confused. If you also face such similar situations or you want to import the IncrediMail Files to a new computer  and you are not able to troubleshoot the problems then you should get in touch with the experts via Incredimail help number toll-free and our experts are available 24X7 at the service of the users. If you want to deal with this problem manually then follow the troubleshooting steps which are provided by our experts.

Steps to follow to get rid of this error without any delay:

  1. As there are numerous errors which come while registering and they come in different faces so follow the steps of a particular error to troubleshoot them.
  2. The first error which shows up while registering is the “Your computer is not connected to the Internet”- to ensure that you are not offline and your internet connection is stable and to verify this go this “file” in the software and then check that “work offline” is not marked.
  3. If you see the message “Code cannot be activated again” then you have renewed the code of IncrediMail that is activation code and go to the official website to buy that.
  4. If the screen showed “Invalid registration code. Please make sure that you have entered the correct code” then it is possible that when you have entered the code it wasn’t recognized and you entered it the wrong way.
  5. If you get “Check your firewall” then you have to disable the Firewall for the smooth registering process.

Call to experts via IncrediMail support number for perfect solutions

If you also face the similar situation and even after following the steps you are not able to troubleshoot then contact experts via Incredimail support number toll-free.

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