Having crash issues in IncrediMail?

IncrediMail is an application which let users communicate via emails in an engaging and fun way. IncrediMail always runs swiftly and without any slouching. It should very proficiently if you have the latest version of IncrediMail. If you are facing any Crashes issues in IncrediMail you should first get its latest version and other things come after it. And if you have the latest version your IncrediMail would never give you any problem. To get its latest version you can always contact the IncrediMail technical support team for assistance. If the crash problem is still persisting then it can be due to corrupted files in your computer or your system or any application might be not compatible with your IncrediMail. First of all, you need to know the reasons behind the crashes then users would be able to solve their problem efficiently.

Reasons of existing the crash problem:

  • IncrediMail Crashes if you use Hotmail/windows live account for send/receive.You have to set up again your email account and if you have any problem while reconfiguring your account you will get 100% assistance from IncrediMail technical support.
  • Your IncrediMail crashes for no reason while send/receive.Update IncrediMail to its latest version. If you are facing any issue while updating seek help from IncrediMail customer support.
  • It crashes when you receive any message or notification from facebook.This isn’t the Incredimail’s software problem; however, this can be due to the push notifications from facebook caused by a background sound attached to Facebook which leads in crashing.
  • Crash when you share any video, attachments or while doing any settings in the Incredimail.This error can be due to the compatibility issue with other applications in your system.
  • Steps to get rid of this problem:
  • Update your IncrediMail to its Latest Version.Having difficulty in updating? Contact to IncrediMail technical support they will assist you properly.
  • Disable the “3D Magic” for send/receive.
  • Then delete your run-time folder.
  • You can always get assistance from IncrediMail customer support if you are facing any issue while deleting your run-time folder and “3D magic”.
  • Now restart your computer using MSCON.If the problem is thereafter following these steps you can rely on IncrediMail technical support for best assistance.

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