How to import your old messages and contacts on a new computer?

Changed your computer? And now want to transfer all your previous messages and contacts onto a new device? This can be easily done after reconfiguring the IncrediMail account onto your new device. You can read our previous blog- How to Reconfigure Your IncrediMail Account if you are facing any problem while reconfiguring your IncrediMail Account and if you are still not able to reconfigure it properly you can contact our technicians who are available at your service through IncrediMail help and support number.

Follow these easy steps to import your previous conversations and data on a new device:

  • First of all, copy the data from your IncrediMail folder from the old device and paste it to the desktop of the new device by doing these things-
  • Right-click on the window taskbar and “exit” from the IncrediMail application.
  • Browse to the following location- C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\ IM.

If you are not able to find the “your user” which is your actual window user your data can be hidden and to show hidden files you need to contact experts or solving this problem via IncrediMail help number.

  • Copy your personal IncrediMail folder to your chosen backup location.
  • Now copy that data from your chosen backed up location and paste it to the new device where you want to have the old conversations and data.
  • Now open the IncrediMail application.
  • Go on file<import and export<import messages.
  • Now click on the “select folder” and select your pasted folder to import it to the device.
  • After doing this select on “next”.
  • Then click on “all folders” then on “next”.
  • Click on “finish” after following the steps.

If users are still not able to import their old conversations they contact our experts without any hesitation from IncrediMail help and support number and our experts will guide them properly also providing the remote services.

  • To get your Contacts on the new device do the following things.
  • Open the application.
  • Click on file<import export< import contacts.
  • You will get a pop-up select “address book” and click next.
  • Now click on “select folder” and choose your file which was backed up.
  • When done click on “Finish”.

If users are still not able to import their contact list they can contact us on IncrediMail help number.

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