How to setup Incredimail for Outlook?

Incredimail is one of the popular mailing software which offers its clients several extraordinary highlighting features which makes it unique when compared with its rivals. With Incredimail Account Setup, all other various email protocol like POP3, IMAP and SMTP can be effectively associated with the mail server so that you can easily fetch your mail through an email client. For that purpose, we shall discuss How to set up Incredimail for Outlook. It also offers simple synchronization between other different popular email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Thunderbird etc. After performing certain steps, all special characteristics of Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and Eudora can be successfully incorporated in Incredimail id. After effective synchronization, we can successfully enable features of several other email clients in it. It also performs an automatic back up and data restoration which empowers the clients to perform the important tasks and saving the information at the desired folder by configuring certain steps. Other than this feature it also offers full data encryption and uses security techniques like SSL Encryption (for FTPS Connection).Sometimes, it turns out to be exceptionally troublesome to resolve the issues related to this application so in order to determine and resolve such problems simply visit the website where information to every such process is provided and it also offers a wide range of assistance to the client.

It is compatible with different versions of Windows like Windows 7,8,10. Below, we have provided you with steps that may help you in performing the Incredimail Outlook Setup. We, therefore, advise you to follow this procedure and adhere to every guidance cautiously so that you can easily implement the process, in the best way possible.

Guiding Principles for Easy Integration of Incredimail to Outlook

  • To begin the process, start by clicking Tools
  • Then Navigate to Accounts, a popup window appears
  • Mail Accounts appears in the dialog box
  • Then press the ADD button
  • After creating the account, configure it manually, if required
  • Then click OK to end the process and you can now successfully work on newly setup Outlook account.
  • If done manually, type in your name and associate with an outlook email id.
  • Press Next
  • In this way, you can successfully perform Incredimail Setup for Outlook.

NOTE If your outlook account is already signed in with an active internet connection, then Incredimail attempts to a with it automatically

Processing Incredimail for Outlook Mail Migration

  • To begin the process download and install the latest version Incredimail to Outlook Transfer Utility on your computer.
  • Execute the Utility program software
  • This opens two shortcuts 32bit and 64 bit. Select the proper shortcut
  • Verify that the source folder is selected correctly. If not Navigate towards the appropriate folder containing your files and folders
  • After this click FILE STORAGE to start searching for Incredimail message files.
  • To import Incredimail message to PST file, press SAVE option. A Pop-up window comes up and prompts you for a folder on your hard drive that you intend to save your message to.
  • Confirm selection wait for it to finish
  • In order to import Incredimail directly to MS Outlook, use menu “Mode” to change the mode which enables us to import emails into Outlook. Then press the “Import” button. A pop-up window will prompt you to select the Outlook folder to import emails in.
  • As per the computer configuration, you may receive the prompt to enter database credentials. You may choose the OK button to continue as the database file is not secured.
  • Complete details of the entire process are being processed.
  • Once this process gets over to find your message by launching Outlook.

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With the assistance of the above steps, you can pursue your task without any issue. By utilizing the technique shared above, just perform Setup Incredimail for Outlook. With the help of it, you will be performing the procedure effectively, and your data won’t get affected. Rather additional features will be easily accessible for the client to perform after the integration process. If in case, a customer faces problem in performing and completing any procedure or steps, or some other help related question then they can visit our website for more knowledge identified with this application.

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