Take IncrediMail Customer Support if Your IncrediMail is not Sending Emails

IncrediMail has provided the best platform to communicate without getting bored. The best and creative emoticons to communicate with our friends has been provided by the application with the latest themes and wallpapers which convey our feelings well.  But what if your application is not able to send your emails? This situation becomes really annoying as we are not able to send our important information to our friends and clients. And this becomes more annoying when users are able to receive the emails of their clients and friends but they are not able to reply back to their messages plus they are also unable to open the emails or they will be able to see the half of the content of the message which they have received. So in such a case, they are required to reconfigure their Email account using “Email setup wizard”. Many customers face technical issues when they try to solve the problem or when they follow the troubleshooting steps. So if you also face the similar situation then you should connect with the experts to get IncrediMail customer support via our toll-free number to get the prompt help.

Steps to follow if your IncrediMail is not sending emails

  • To reconfigure your email account with the help of “Email setup wizard”, go to the main window of the application and then you have to click on “tools” and then select “email accounts”.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • Then, you have to choose your account which you are using currently and then click on “remove”.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • After that, to reconfigure your id, you have to click on “add”.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • The page will redirect you to an “account wizard window” and there you have to choose “Let me configure settings myself” and then click on “next”.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • Now you have to choose the email service provider and then follow the instructions which are provided by the wizard properly to set up your account appropriately.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • This will solve your issue but if the problem still persists then you should create a new identity and see if the same problem is occurring there or not. And if not, then you import all your data from the original identity to the new one.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • If you want to create a new identity then go to the option of “tools” and then select “Identities” and then click on “new identity”.
  • The wizard will provide you the proper steps to set up your new identity, follow them properly.
  • If you want to switch back to your original identity then simply go to the “tools” select “switch identity” and select your option and then click on “ok”.
  • IncrediMail customer support
  • If you still face problem in creating or switching your identity then take IncrediMail technical support from experts.

Call to experts via IncrediMail phone number to solve your issues

If you still face this technical issue and not able to send the emails then you should contact the experts to get help for technical issues via IncrediMail phone number toll-free.

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