Are you unable to open your Emails in your IncrediMail 2.0?

One of the prominent email service providers is IncrediMail and it is known for providing the best email experience to its users. But recently its update IncrediMail 2.0 came and there were so many hue and cries over it. As it came with new features and everything else, it also raised many compatibility issues and other account related issues. These issues can be due to the present setting of your system which is not allowing the IncrediMail to have the proper access to your email accounts which in turn creates difficulty in editing or removing the Gmail account on IncrediMail. The common issue faced by users updating IncrediMail to its updated version is that users are not able to open their email messages and after clicking on the message user’s IncrediMail freezes and does not respond. In short, users face problem in opening an email message in the IncrediMail. To solve this issue immediately contact the IncrediMail technical experts to handle this issue like a boss through IncrediMail support number and if users want to deal with this issue manually then they can follow the steps which are given.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot this error provided by IncrediMail help center:

  • This problem is generally caused by the Indexes in the IncrediMail which freezes the application and users are not able to open their emails.
  • So users have to alter the indexes settings in their system to successfully get rid of this problem.
  • Users need to go the message store folder to access the Indexes.
  • Now open the IncrediMail 2.0 and go on tools then click on “options”.
  • Go to the general tab where a pop-up box will emerge, where a path will be shown.
  • Users need to copy that and have to navigate it through the folders.

If users have any problem while copying or navigating the path users can call on the IncrediMail technical center through IncrediMail help number.

  • Now users need to delete the Indexes which are there in the system successfully. They can either delete it by themselves or they can download a delete from the official website to delete it.

Buzz to experts to get help via IncrediMail support number

If this problem still persists and users are still not able to open the emails on IncrediMail even after following the steps then contact experts via IncrediMail support number.

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