How to Reconfigure Your IncrediMail Account?

Facing send/receive error? While send/receive you can stumble upon the errors which usually are not caused by IncrediMail. These errors can be due to the Internet server, or from your email server or the server of your recipient. These errors can be also due to your firewall installed on your system as well. In such a situation users need to reconfigure their IncrediMail account so that their firewall system can work properly and does not hamper the IncrediMail work

To make sure your firewall does not hamper the workings of IncrediMail you have to go to the Firewall settings and allow all the programs that firewall has listed and given all the programs the full access to the internet server. Some of the programs are listed below:

  • ImpCnt.exe
  • IMAPP.exe
  • IMNotfy.exe
  • IncMail.exe


To make sure that your account is reconfigured properly users have to allow these programs to access the internet. And if users are having any problem related to accessing their Firewall settings or giving access to these programs; users can call and get guidance from the technicians through IncrediMail phone number 24X7 from anywhere in the world

Steps to reconfigure your email account:

  • Go to the incredible window and click on the “Tools” and then go to Accounts.


If users are having any problem locating the accounts they can seek support from IncrediMail technical support team.

  • After clicking the accounts section one dialogue box will open and then select your email.
  • Select that email account program that you are having a problem with and then click on remove.
  • Open the mailbox again and then click on “Add”.
  • Now when you click on the add icon you will get the notification wizard and there click on next.


If users are having a problem with adding a new account they can contact our experts via IncrediMail phone number

  • Now enter your details such as your name and email account.


  • Now select your incoming and outgoing server and if you are not connected to the internet you can do it manually and click on the skip button.


  • Enter your email account and password which was provided and you are ready to Send/Receive.


If users are getting any problem while selecting their incoming or outgoing server while they are offline or any other problem they can contact and seek support from IncrediMail technical support team

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